Top 5 Universities for studying Psychology in the USA

It’s fascinating if you are going to study the human mind for four years or more. This field will give you a better understanding of how and why people react in certain situations. Besides understanding, you can help them to resolve their psychological issues, regain a positive stance on life, and overcome their difficulties. For starting a career in the field of Psychology, there is no better option than the United States. In accordance with US News 2020, the following are the high-ranked universities for studying Psychology. 

  1. University of California, Berkeley

In 1868, the University of California was established with a vision that leads to happiness and advancement of generations. For creating a better world University of California is working in various disciplines i.e. cognitions, development, neuroscience, and social personalities. In diverse areas, the university is offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs. They give opportunity to students to work in the area that they find interesting. 

  1. Stanford University 

In 1885, Stanford University was established for the promotion of public welfare. The department of Psychology was one of the first departments to be set up at the Stanford University. They are offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs with the main focus on research training. In five research areas, the department is divided i.e. neuroscience, affective science, social psychology, developmental psychology, and cognitive psychology. In University, research on psychopathology, stereotyping, and addictive behaviors are carried out. 

  1. The University of Chicago

In 1893, the department of Psychology at the  University of Chicago was established. This university is popular because of its undergraduate Psychology courses and research opportunities. The Undergraduate Research Initiative Program helps Psychology students to explore interesting areas of Psychology for research. It also trains them for their career. Throughout the year, this program offers informational sessions, workshops, and career development seminars for helping students. Research related opportunities are also available on campus. Their Ph.D programs are also admirable. They give an opportunity to students to choose between four research areas i.e. integrative neuroscience, developmental psychology, social psychology, and cognitive psychology. 

  1. Princeton University 

Princeton is one of the world’s famous higher education institutions because it’s too old. In 1746, it was established as a college and then in 1896 officially renamed Princeton University. In Princeton, the Psychology department has given one Nobel prizewinner, from the Association of Psychological science three William James Fellow grants, and from the American Psychological Association six Distinguished Contributions grants. Their graduate program focused on personality and social psychology, perception and cognition, neuroscience, and physiological psychology, and prepares them for Ph.D Princeton Neuroscience Institute is linked with the Psychology department that promotes research on neuroscience. 

  1. Harvard University 

Harvard University was established in 1636 and one of the world’s prestigious universities. Most famous names i.e. B.F Skinner, Jerome Burner, Gordon Allport are associated with it. In faculty scholarly productivity, Harvard’s Psychology department was ranked as number 1 in one of the surveys published by the Chronicle of Higher Education. In four major research programs, students are getting trained i.e. Social Psychology, Brain and Behavior, Developmental Psychology Cognitions, and Clinical Science. 


The United States of America has prestigious universities. Their Psychology departments are well ranked and most of the famous personalities are associated with them. They provide research opportunities to students according to their area of interest. 

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