Best Qualities of a Child Clinical Psychologist

A child clinical psychologist is a highly skilled psychological health clinician who treats children having psychological, emotional, physical, and behavioral disorders. A child clinical psychologist works in schools, hospitals, and private clinics. A child clinical psychologist requires special qualities to work with children because children are the most fragile creatures. Here are some of the qualities of a child clinical psychologist. 

  1. Trustworthy

For working in a comfortable environment, a child clinical psychologist must have the capability of gaining the trust of both the child and a parent. Sometimes, the child is not willing to cooperate with the psychologist so trust is the only approach to solving the unravel puzzle. A child clinical psychologist must assure parents that the personal information will be kept confidential. He must respect the child’s family’s privacy. 

  1. Great Communicator  

For helping a child, a child clinical psychologist must communicate well with people for getting the required information. He must communicate every aspect of the problem to parents so they can understand the severity of the problem well because great communication is the major aspect of therapy. He must have an understanding of how to communicate with children at their level of understanding so it will be easier to solve the issue. 

  1. Enthusiastic  

Being a child clinical psychologist enthusiasm is the major requirement in working with children. A great child clinical psychologist is the one who takes care of children’s need and is kind enough to understand the concept of play so a child can relate to him. For progressive therapy, a child clinical psychologist must help the child to enjoy therapy. 

  1. Specialized Knowledge

A child clinical psychologist must have expertise in the particular problem a child is going through. He must have knowledge of dealing with the problem effectively.  For instance, a child with autism requires a child clinical psychologist, not a counselor to overcome his problem. A child clinical psychologist must have specialized training in his field. He can achieve a special certificate from the American Board of Professional Psychology.

  1. Emphasis on Wellbeing over Management

Rather than simply managing the behavior of a child, a good child clinical psychologist must emphasize on child’s well-being and security. In accordance with, Dr. Stephen Porges, a neuroscientist “nurturing the child’s feelings of safety should always precede simple behavior management. Otherwise, a child may appear to be thriving, but on a deeper level, he or she is suffering.”

  1. Problem Solver 

A child clinical psychologist must be a problem solver. He must have the ability to identify the problem if the child or the family is not cooperating with the psychologist. He must have a treatment plan for solving the issue. 

  1. Tolerance 

A child clinical psychologist must be tolerant enough to work with children because working with children having a disorder is not easy. He must have understood that maladaptive behaviors are not unschooled easily. Getting angry with children won’t work he must have the capacity to deal with their tantrums. 


Children are one of the sensitive beings. A child clinical psychologist must be very careful in dealing with children. He must be trustworthy, a great communicator, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, problem solver, and tolerant. 

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